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Auxerre – France

Auxerre - the town is located beside the Yonne River at the distance of around 150 km from Paris, it has nearly 40 000 inhabitants. Considered as one of the most beautiful cities of France, it is at the same time one of five biggest cities of Burgundy. The beginnings of Auxerre date back to the Middle Ages. Magnificent monuments come from this period: Enormous Cathedral of Saint-Étienne from the 13th-14th century and Benedictine Abbey St.Germain, expanded and rebuilt from 6th to 14th century. Owing to their historical heritage and numerous monuments in 1995 Auxerre received the title of "The town of Art and History". Presently in Auxerre there are pharmaceutical, wood, printing, batteries production industries and a large sports and recreational center with swimming pools, sports halls, a sailing center and a football team AJ Auxerre achieving good results. Its landscape is formed by nearby vineyards.
Contacts of Płock with Auxerre were initiated in 1997 by a company operating there - CCMY (Caise Chirurgicale Mutuelle de l'Yonne), the equivalent of the Polish Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych (Mutual Insurance Company).  Authorities of Auxerre and Płock were interested in developing their relation, which led to establishing official cooperation: 17 June 2000 in Auxerre the President of Płock - Stanisław Jakubowski and the mayor of Auxerre - Jean Garnault signed a cooperation agreement in the field of culture, science, school system, health protection, economy and local government activities.
Teenagers from Jagiełło High School and Lycee de La Brosse participated in cooperation with Auxerre, and students from Arts High School participated in the Autumn Exhibitions. Płock participated in regional periodical fairs "Auxerrexpo" where the Polish culture was presented by: Group of Song and Dance "Wisła", Płock Folk Group Podwórkowa, Group of Folk Dance "Masovia" and folk artists-craftsmen, as well as rock musicians. Delegation from Auxerre is an annual guest on the Płock European Picnic.

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