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Bielce - Moldova

Bielce (Bâlţi), -lie in the northern part of Moldavia beside the Reut River (a tributary of Dniestr). It is the second town of Moldova taking into account its importance. It was founded in the 15th century and obtained municipal rights only in the year 1818. The oldest building in Bielce is Nikołajewska Cathedral, which comes from 1791.
Today's Bielce have 162 000 inhabitants. In terms of culture and industry it is one of the most developed regions of today's Republic of Moldova, which is famous for its excellent wines and cognacs.
Leading trades branches of economy are: food, machine and electrotechnical, which constitute 80% of the overall condition of production. In Bielce there is A. Rousseau. Higher Pedagogical School.and two Scientific and Research Institutes. There is also a well known National Theatre of Bielce. From 1994 the Association "House of Poland", which gathers approximately 700 Poles, has been operating actively in the town. On 26 September 2000 an agreement between Płock and Bielce was signed. in Płock. Therefore Płock became the first Polish town which had signed an agreement on partner cooperation with Moldova.
The cooperation between both cities is mainly concentrated on contacts in fields of culture, school system and sport. Also from Płock humanitarian aid is directed to the inhabitants of Bielce, mainly for the local Polonia. The town hospital received medical equipment, and two doctors had a two-week internship in the town hospital in Płock. A passenger car and household equipment supported Polish Medical Association and home hospice run by this institution. Two inhabitants of Bielce have taken advantage of a scientific scholarship at Paweł Włodkowic College. Under the cooperation Płock hosted representatives of Moldavian Polonia, University of the Third Age, as well as young judokas - participants in the International Judo Festival for Children and Youth of partner cities of Płock. In Bielce Scouts'Group of Song and Dance "Children of Płock" has given concerts a few times, which started close cooperation with Polonia's folk group "Styrczańskie Dzwoneczki". Moldavian children have visited our town a few times participating in camps, workshops, concerts, among others, on the occasion of the European Picnic. .

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