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Colors of the town

The colors of the town (flag) were determined on 15 December 1938, during the sessions of the Municipal Council. From the substantiation presented by the clerk of the Municipal Board, K. Modliński-Bolesta, it could be concluded that the colors of the town should be agreed after the model of the colors of the city of Cracow from the former provincial uniform, adopted on the Sejm in 1776.
Such unform was used by the nobility, and later also by wealthier middle class.This uniform had the following colors: light sapphire with dark red insets (robe) and straw-colored (żupan - long garment). This means that municipal colors should be yellow-blue with red insert in the middle.
Assuming these arguments as reasonably practical, the Municipal Council approved unanimously the following resolution: "According to items 1 and 4 of the circular letter of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 22 July 1935 on the coats of arms of local administration no. SS/32/25/10 Official Journal of the Internal Affairs no. 24 of 1935, the Municipal Council, on behalf of the Municipal of Płock, passes again the image of the Płock coat of arms according to the attached model (...) In addition, based on colors of the former provincial uniform, established by the Sejm of Poland in 1776 for the Płock  Province , the Municipal Council hereby adopts the colors of the town as yellow-blue with a red border in the middle".

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