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For the active ones

Płock – an active weekend

Płock with its unique location at a high slope at the Vistula River is not only beautiful landscapes, worth the brush of painting masters and a blow of rich history hidden in the historical structures at Tumskie Hill but also fantastic conditions for leisure and sport.

The beautiful Płock slope is loved by paragliders from all over Poland. On the boulevard and around the natural water reservoir – Sobótka Lake, you can run, walk, jog and perform nordic walking, cycle on a normal bike and on a mountain one.
Many envy the Płock inhabitants because of the beach and the lido in the town center - you can spend time actively (rent a canoe, a pedal boat, play volleyball, waterslide for children). Resident of Płock like running – the town is home to several street marathons in different seasons and the one with the longest tradition is the Tumski Run, but the highest number of competitors gather Semi-Marathon of Two Bridges in September.
There is a modern sports and entertainment hall Orlen Arena with the audience for 5500 people, the house of handball team Orlen Wisła Płock, multiple champions and vice-champions of Poland. Next to the Orlen Arena, there is a skate park with football stadium of Kazimierz Górski, where Wisła Płock team plays football matches. There are also two stadiums in the town, three swimming pools, a sports arena with a climbing wall, tennis courts (outdoor and indoor), a yacht harbor, an airport of the aeroclub and two ice rinks. Every year bicycle paths are built as long as green areas with outdoor gyms. Six so called Orliks (small, local sporting complexes) has been built till today.
In the direct neighbourhood of Płock Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park is located as well as Brudzeń Landscape Park with beautiful, forests full of mushrooms and with nearly 50 lakes. Tourist routes and bicycle paths are there. Among many available forms of spending time actively horseback riding and canoe rallies down the Skrwa River are also available.

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