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For the family

Płock - a weekend full of excitement and a dose of positive energy!
It is worth going to Płock with the whole family because both the adults and the children will find plenty of attractions. When entering the city from the side of the Vistula River it is not possible to tear your eyes away from the picturesque Tumskie Hill, the castle and the primeval cathedral with its soaring towers and. They remind of the great history of the city, which at the turn of the 11th and the 12th century was the capital of Poland. When three centuries later Władysław Jagiełło was returning as the winner from Grunwald, his brother in law, Duke Ziemowit, threw him a magnificent feast in the castle in Płock. The beautiful Płock slope is home to many mysteries from the past and numerous attractions for young explorers and adventure seekers.
A visit to the fantastically situated Płock zoo full of various animal species and exotic plants a ride on the Tumska Steam-engine train, as well as a cruise on a boat or a motor boat on the Vistula River will provide unforgettable memories. In the heart of Płock, at the "Sobótka" lido, you can enjoy a swim and a sunbath. On a summer evening the beach, the amphitheatre and the Old Market Square are filled with music. A magnet for teenagers are festivals such as Audioriver and Reggaeland, the younger ones will be delighted to participate in Dni Historii Płocka (Płock History Days) and Piknik Lotniczy (Air Show) or different city events which – especially in the summer – you will find plenty of in Płock.

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