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Forli - Italy

Forli - it is a 110 thousand town, located in the north of Italy. Some historians claim that its beginnings reach 2nd century before Christ, others make it younger by about 150 years, by moving the town to the times of Caesar. But certainly its territory was constantly inhabited by native population and the newcomers of Celtic origin - the Gauls - already from the fifth century before Christ. Location of the town between two rivers as well as fertility of soils made Forli the center of harvest and segregation of agricultural products for more than 500 years.
Declaration on partner friendship Płock - Forli was signed in Italy on 3 April 1993. In May 1998, after five - year fruitful cooperation authorities of both cities signed a formal partnership contract.
Płock sportsmen, first of all, football team, athletes, chess players and judokas participate in cooperation with Forli. Płock judokas achieve big successes in annual Judo International Tournament taking place in Forli. On the contrary, judokas from Forli take part in tournaments organized in Płock. The Forli sports representation also participated in 34th International School Olympic Games 2002 in Płock. In youth exchange the following schools take part: Władysław Jagiełło High School in Płock and High School Liceo Scientifico from Forli, as well as police officers and firemen from both cities . In the past Płock pre-school children achieved successes in annual international art competition for children and youth, and Płock pupils from primary schools achieved success in a literary competition "Do children still need fairy tales?", organized by Forli.
On the occasion of the European Picnic Forli representatives as well as music bands gladly come to Płock - the following performed on the Płock stage: EKU 28, Khorakhane, Natural Biskers, Arabia Fenice. Stay in Płock is the prize in a musical contest organized every year in Forli. Groups performing in Płock later do career on the Italian scene, for example two of them were among winners of the festival San Remo.
Płock representatives take part in conferences organized by Forli within EU programs e.g. "Partner equality - partnership for equality", "Fathers and fatherhood", "Young between the past and the future". On the other hand, State Music School in Płock took part in an international musical festival - Europe through Music, co-financed also from EU funds.

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