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Huai'an - China

Huai'an is a prefecture town in Jiangsu Province. It includes the area of 10 100 km2, and its population is 5,38 million people (of which about around a million live on the surface of 100 km2). Huai'an is a tourist town with rich culture, with many picturesque places and historical monuments.
Huai'an may take pride in rich history dating back to more than 2 200 years ago. Together with Yangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzou they are called "Four main Metropolises" along the Great Channel. Many important people come from Huai'an, such as a great strategist Hanxin, Wu Cheng'en the author of "Pilgrimage to the West" or a national hero Guan Tianpei. Also here in 1898 Zhou Enlai was born - the first Prime Minister of New China.He spent here his first 12 years  In addition, Huai'an is known for its kitchen which gained prestige by delicate fish and rice snacks.
Recently Huai'an has become a developed industrial center with more than 10 000 industrial companies. Economy is based on five pillars: metallurgy, textiles, chemical and machine industry as well as tobacco. Also genetic engineering, medicine, power sector and environmental protection, as well as electronics and science are experiencing their heyday . Huai'an may also boast of abundant natural resources, such as oil, natural gas or rock salt.
This region has a very well developed and convenient transport network, suitable geographical location and friendly conditions for the business development . In the town there are six universities and 38 vocational schools which educate 170 thousand students.
The town has been developing partner contacts with 11 cities from 10 countries, among others, of France, Belarus, USA, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Russia and Poland.
Contacts between Płock and Huai'an were initiated in 2006 via the Polish Consulate in Shanghai, as a result Huai'an delegation visited the town of Płock in May of the same year.
24 September 2007 during the official visit of Płock delegation in Huai'an a letter of intent was signed on friendly exchange and cooperation.
The Partner Contract was signed on 8 July 2010 during the visit of Huai'an delegation in Płock.

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