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Loznica - Serbia

Loznica (Лозница) - a 45-thousand town in Serbia, located by the Drina  River, just at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Near Loznica, in the town of Trśić, Vuk Karadžić was born - a linguist and etnographer, the creator of Serbian literary language. Every year the town celebrates a large cultural event under the name of Vukov Sabor to commemorate famous Karadžića.
The beginning of mutual contacts between Płock and Loznica dates back to 1968. The first contract on partner cooperation between Płock and Loznica was signed in 1972 and until 1989 it has been developing very fruitfully. After the break in mutual contacts, caused by the Balkan war , on 13 May 2001 in Płock an agreement on reactivating the cooperation was signed. Earlier, in February 2000, in response to dramatic appeal of Loznica President for assistance for the inhabitants of the town destroyed by the war, the first transport with gifts left Płock. The campaign of collecting gifts saw a significant response on the part of Płock inhabitants . This way the town repaid its gratitude debt for help received from the inhabitants of Loznica during the great flood in 1982. Cultural cooperation develops well – Groups from Loznica: Vožd, Vuk Karadžić and trio Balkan Strings participated in European Picnic and – together with Yugoslav actors, artists and art photographers - took part in theatre workshops "Borderland". Cooks from Loznica often present in Płock Serbian cuisine. Loznica sports representation also participated in 34 International School Olympic Games 2002 in Płock.
Loznica hosted the Vistula group , choir Małachowianki Minstrel and Small Vocal Group of POKiS, as well as Płock journalists. Also cooperation with Regional School for Young Talents in Loznica was established.
Loznica, apart from the cultural and educational sphere, is particularly interested in cooperation in the scope of municipal services management, as well as help in obtaining EU funds.

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