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Możejki - Lithuania

Możejki (Mažeikiai) a 49-thousand town located by the Venta River in the north-western part of Lithuania. This is one of the largest and the most industrialized cities in Lithuania. Among others oil refinery, electrical engineering company, shoes factory, furniture factory and many other companies are located here. In the town there is a well-known Museum of Regional Research and ethnographic section which deals with examining Lithuanian customs, songs, legends and memories.
An agreement on partnership between Płock and Możejki was signed in Lithuania on 23 June 1994.The cooperation between both cities covers, above all, cultural (among others, libraries, museums, photography associations), sports (table tennis, football, chess) and educational institutions (a music school), as well as exchange between the units of the police, firemen and health service.
In Możejki, among others, groups "Children of Płock", Płock Folk Group Podwórkowa, Brass band and accordionists from music school have given concerts. Bands from Możejki have been coming to Płock on the occasion of the European Picnic, Maidenheads and History Days of Płock - the Chemist's Day. So far, inhabitants of Płock have seen the following groups: Gunda, an accordionist duet, a group of country music "Small cowboy", a folk group "Kauszkutis", a rock group Kestutis Jablonskis&Co, a vocal group "Lietutis" and arts group, presenting works from the scope of painting and ceramics.

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