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Mytishchi - Russian Federation

Mytishchi (MЫТИЩИ), in Russian Federation, is located about 18 km northeast of the center of Moscow. It has the area of around 44 thousand ha (This is the third largest town of the Moscow Oblast) and has 185 500 inhabitants. The town is surrounded by green areas with guesthouses and spas. The most attractive place in terms of tourism is Moose Island – State National Park with more than 100 km2.
As early as in 11th – 14th century, an important waterway run through the area of the present town(from the Jauza River to the Klaźma River ships were pulled on land within the length of approximately 7 – 8 kilometers). at this place a point of collection of customs fees for passage of people and ships, the so-called toll was located (the name of the town origins from this name). However, first written information on Mytishchi appeared in monastic notes in the 15th century. The dynamic development of the region took place in the 2nd half of the 19th century. In 1925, Mytishchi received municipal rights.
Currently, the following industries develop: machine, metallurgical, power, textile, dairy and others. one of the most serious enterprises is the factory of railway cars - "Metrowagonmasz".
The cooperation agreement was signed on 5 May 2006. The cooperation is focused on exchange in fields of culture, sports, education, as well as IT and local government activities. 
The Płock high school students have the possibility of annual participation at the International Youth Camp in Mytishchi. Sportsmen from Mytishchi come to Płock to participate in the International Judo Festival, and folk groups make the European Picnic more attractive. Currently, both towns have begun implementation of the common Internet project consisting in creation of the Internet portal of partner towns of Mytishchi.
Virtual Museum of Partner Towns of Mytishchi

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