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Let's meet in Płock!

Whether it is a route of adventure tourism or it is a thematic route - in Płock everyone will find an interesting route for their walks. We can thus follow the traces of Frederick Chopin (Płock on the Chopin route) or see brick buildings of Gothic architecture (European Route of Brick Gothic) You just have to visit the numerous historical churches (Płock on the pilgrimage route), and go for a longer trip around Płock, following one of the labeled routes of PTTK (Polish Tourism Association).
Those who like choosing their own paths, may lay out their own walking route around Płock. You can walk around the Płock slope for hours by choosing one of the many avenues marked there as you wish. It is best to start following this route from the crown of the slope, seeing numerous monuments on the way (the church of St. Dominic, Benedictine abbey and a fragment of the castle of the Mazovian Dukes, the Małachowianka high school, the Mariavites church and monastery). Later you can walk down the slope and walking at its foot delight in its greatness (the highest throughout the run of the Vistula River -53 m high) and the picturesqueness of the landscape. Nearby you will find the Sobótka Lake, the beach at the Vistula River and the queen of the Polish rivers – the Vistula herself. In the evening, you will be fascinated by the three-colour highlighted historical bridge, the longest such crossing in Europe. This route is quite long, hence it is perfect to cross it by bike.
For gourmets and habitual visitors of clubs there is also an informal route of Płock restaurants, clubs and cafes. Going down Tumska Street, through Narutowicza Square, and then down Grodzka Street to the Old Market Square, we encounter many spots with an offer to satisfy everyone's tastes.
Compact buildings of the old town and the location of monuments "within your grasp", make Płock an ideal town for walks. Both, walks along a route agreed in advance as well as those along a yet undefined route will be a pure pleasure!

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